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Department of Physical Sciences home

Dipjyoti Das
PhD (Physics), IIT Bombay, 2014
Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences (DBS)
Biophysics, Non-Linear Dynamics and Statistical Physics
Room No:AAC building, Room-15H

dipjyoti.das [at]

Amlan K Roy
PhD (Theoretical Chemistry), Panjab University, 1998
Professor, Chemical Sciences (DCS)
Optics, Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics
Quantum Information Theory and Technology
Condensed Matter Theory
Room No:ACC Building, 2nd Floor , Room no. 211
akroy [at]

Mousumi Das
PhD (Thoretical Chemistry), IISc, Bangalore, 2006
Associate Professor, Chemical Sciences (DCS)
Room No:

mousumi [at]

Utpal Sarkar

Raja Ramanna Fellow
High Energy Physics
Room No:

utpal.sarkar [at]

Dr. Debdatta Ray

Room No:

debdatta.ray [at]