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Faculty Positions Available! Application Deadline: 10 December, 2023

The Department of Physical Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata seeks applications from eligible candidates for appointment as faculty at all levels, although preference would be given to recruitment at the Assistant Professor level. Note that this is a fresh call for applications in priority areas, and it is preferred that any past applicants who fit into these areas (given below), apply to this specific call by the deadline.

The Department’s research portfolio encompasses almost all major areas of physics, exploring ideas and phenomena that encompass several orders of magnitude not only in terms of length but also in energy and time. The topics currently covered include condensed matter physics and material science, biophysics, soft matter physics, complex systems, light-matter interaction, astrophysics, space science, gravitation and cosmology, high energy physics, atomic and molecular physics, non-linear dynamics, quantum information processing, quantum computation, and mathematical physics. The experimental endeavours are well supported by several high-end instruments and facilities such as Micro-Raman Spectroscopy, SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device), custom-designed velocity map Imaging Spectrometry, ultra-fast spectroscopy (including a Femtosecond laser oscillator and amplifier), Atomic Force Microscopy, and many others. Some of our experimentalists have also developed state-of-the-art apparatus which include optical tweezers and photonic force spectroscopy, dark field fluorescence Mueller Matrix polarization spectroscopy, and low-temperature electron spin resonance (ESR) towards quantum computation. Additionally, DPS faculty have also contributed to the creation of two Centres of Excellence supported by generous extramural funding from various Ministries of the Government of India: the Centre of Excellence in Space Sciences, India (CESSI), and the National Centre for High-Pressure Studies (NCHPS). DPS has recently also inducted a high-performance computational facility for its members.

Through this specific recruitment drive we are seeking to appoint a few faculty members in the following priority areas to enhance and complement our activities. Applicants must add one of the following areas in the 'Research Area' field in the application form.

1. Experimental Condensed Matter Physics 2. Experimental High Energy Physics 3. Experimental Soft Matter Physics 4. Observational Astronomy 5. Experimental Optics and Spectroscopy

Prospective faculty applicants from other areas can apply through the rolling advertisement.

Application Deadline: 10 December, 2023

We particularly encourage applications from under-represented groups. For eligibility criteria and other requirements, standard MoE norms will be followed. The Government of India's policy regarding reservations will be adhered to during recruitment at all levels.


Posted on: November 18th, 2023