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Correlated Quantum Matter Workshop

A two-day workshop on “Correlated Quantum Matter” is to be held in IISER Kolkata between 18-19 April 2024. The workshop would bring together leading practitioners of quantum condensed matter physics from the country and abroad to discuss the latest developments in the field.

Correlated quantum many-body systems have played an important role in our understanding of fundamental phenomena in nature from symmetry breaking to topological phases of matter. Emergent properties in these systems have led to diverse phenomena from superconductivity to spin liquids to the quantum hall effect. Correlated quantum matter is also intrinsically tied to the development of modern quantum technologies like quantum computing, quantum sensing, etc. In this context, this workshop will not only lead to a discussion on this timely topic, but it would also be a great opportunity for students and postdocs of IISER Kolkata to be exposed to the frontline research topics in this field.

Among other speakers, Prof. Mohit Randeria and Prof. Nandini Trivedi of Ohio State University, USA, will participate in the workshop and each of them will deliver a DPS colloquium (on 18 and 19 April 2024), which will also be a part of this workshop. We hope that our PhD students, postdocs, and colleagues, particularly those working in the broad area of condensed matter physics, will benefit from the informal academic discussions throughout this workshop.


Posted on: April 5th, 2024