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Fazal Kareem, a DPS undergraduate student, is a part of the collaboration of the gravitational wave discovery.

Indian Pulsar Timing Array reports early signs of a Gravitational Wave background in our combined dataset with the European Pulsar Timing Array. These results corroborate with those from NANOGrav and Parkes Pulsar Timing Array. This background likely has its origins in merging supermassive black holes all across the universe, though the signal may have signs of other phenomena such as phase transitions in the earth universe. These experiments use radio telescopes to observe pulsars, rapidly rotating neutron stars which can be used like celestial clocks. As GWs are perturbations in space-time, these experiments detect a change in the way these clocks keep time, hence detecting gravitational waves. Fazal Kareem, an undergrad student at IISER Kolkata is a part of the InPTA team which


Posted on: June 29th, 2023