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Position-position classical entanglement of light from bioNap research group (Prof. Nirmalya Ghosh)

"Position-position classical entanglement of light" has been published in Lasers & Photonics Reviews (LPR). LPR covers breakthrough research in the domain of optical physics and photonics. PhD students of DPS, Niladri Modak and Shyamal Guchhait and former BS-MS students, S. Ashutosh and Sayantan Das were involved in this research. In this work, the group has demonstrated inherent non-separability of the longitudinal Goos–Hänchen and the transverse Imbert–Fedorov beam shifts of light in the simple case of a partially reflecting Gaussian laser beam from a dielectric interface. This manifests as a position–position classically entangled state of light field. This discovery is expected to throw new light into our understanding of classical entanglement of light, which may also have practical interests in applications involving metrology, information processing, and communication.

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Posted on: April 22nd, 2023