Department of Physical Sciences
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata


The Department of Physical Sciences (DPS) offers four academic programmes with varying degree of emphasis on teaching and research.

At the undergraduate level DPS offers a Major in Physical Sciences as a part of 5 Year BS-MS Dual Degree Programme where primary emphasis is on teaching various branches of physics with a large emphasis on interdisciplinary nature of emergent fields.

The second and the department’s flagship research programme – the Integrated PhD Programme – stems from a widely popular novel concept which merges three years of intensive course work followed by doctoral research in frontiers of physics.

At the post-graduate level, DPS offers a Doctoral Programme (PhD) which aims at a state-of-the-art training for bright and motivated candidates to all research areas of physics.

The fourth and the highest level programme is the Post-Doctoral Programme in which we hire doctoral graduates (PhD) in physics and related disciplines who seek to explore the advanced world of physics.

Please see the courses that we offer or visit our Apply Portal to find more about the procedure to join any of these programmes.